Isle of Wight Holiday July 2017 No 11

21st July 2017

Back on the mainland now ... Bournmouth to Southbourne.

After 10 or so days of scorching sunshine the weather had a change of clothes today.

The walk from Bournmouth to Southborne was memorable by the gale force wind whipping up the sea.

Lots of people were brave enough to go into the sea though.

Later we walked from Southbourne to Christchurch and heavy rain came along.

It was day of the Kestrel with at least 4 seen including a Juv.

There was one massive Gull that I though must be a Great black-backed Gull but looking at the picture, the bird has Yellow Legs making it a Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Must have good diet to be so huge.

He moves - honest

Gales at Bournmouth

This bird has a ring on either leg.

Difficult to make out any numbers

Huge Lesser Black-backed Gull

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