Isle of Wight Holiday July 2017 No 2

12th July 2017

A lot of walking this holiday with the weather being extremely kind, with hot sunshine for 9 of the 10 days.

A long walk today, along the coastal path - St. Helen's to Sandown.

A beautiful walk on a real scorcher of a day.

After our marathon walk, we took a 'short cut' , jumping off the homeward bound bus, and ended up walking around a 55 acre Solar Energy Complex by mistake.

The entry gate looked like your usual farm gate - unlocked -  and through the gate, the path looked like your usual bridleway. 

The path went 300 yds then turned sharp right, another 300 yds then sharp right, another 300 yds and ...... 

After a good while walking in 80 degrees heat, the path became very rutted and awkward to walk on, and then we noticed the 8 feet high fence that had been on our right since the gate.

Then we noticed the impenetrable trees on our right and a nice buzzing for company.

After following this maze forever, we managed to climb a lower bit of fencing, and get the hell out of it.

At this point a couple of cyclist came down the field - they were lost as well - and they had a GPS!
We got home safely with the help of the GPS.

A few birds about:-

 I didn't notice the bird to the right of the Cormorant at the time.
Not sure what it is either - the distance was to great to get a decent shot.
Cropped version below.

Cormorant, Marsh Harrier or Buzzard??

This bird looked very large, but try as I might I can't turn it into a Great White Egret!!

Sandown in the far distance

Apparently for a couple of grand you can have a
trip in a Spitfire, flying from Southampton.

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