Northumberland Holiday Day 1

Amble Sunday 29/04/18.

A very good journey on a very sunny day, took us to Alnwick to start with, before ended up staying on a farm at Warkworth, Nr. Amble.
A late afternoon trip into Amble was a good move.
Eider Ducks common!
2x pr. Goosander
Sandwich Tern
and I believe a Little Gull.

I still don't know why I took a photo of, what I thought was a Black Headed Gull.

It was only when I checked the laptop that the gull appeared odd.

If it's a Little Gull it's a lifer.

Perhaps someone could confirm (or otherwise) my ID – thanks.

Sandwich Tern?

Little Gull (?)


  1. Gulls a poser ???? looks to have a small bill - not sure but can't think it's a Little Gull as the dark markings would be similar to a juv Kittiwake in a dark W.
    Will have to think about that one !!!!

  2. It doesn't seem to fit with any Gull ID's that I can find in 3 books that I have.
    The black head and black lower wing edge (with white edge also) is confusing.