Monday, 7 August 2017


Sunday 6th August 2017.

Whilst on holiday with Emma and Abigail at Primrose Valley, recently, I managed an hour or so looking around Filey Brigg and the nearby coast path.

The tide was on the way in.
Starting to 'flood' apparently.

Not knowing the tide situation I was very wary as I ventured to the end of the Brigg.

I asked a local fisherman how long I had before the tide became a problem and he told me at least a couple of hours.

If you get caught out, you can always climb up the cliff there.
I climb up with my 6 year old daughter.

That's the path where the 3 danger, warning signs are? I asked.
That's only for tourists benefit it's as safe as houses. He assured.

Being a scaredy cat I stayed just about one hour before taking the steep steps beyond the "danger zone" to the cliff top.

The walk to and around the Brigg brought a few birds but I would have loved to stay longer  if the tides had been favourable.

I believed I'd spotted 2 Redshank, although the call was less 'raucous' looking at the photos I now think they are Dunlin.

A Kestrel was hunting over the cliff, where there were several Sand Martin nests still with young being fed.

The Brigg had a good smattering of Cormorant and a solitary Oystercatcher and a Dunlin.

Sandwich Terns were passing , high and quick, 4 groups of 2 or 3 birds passed while I was there. There loud harsh calls helping to locate them.

A few Gannet were seen with some Juveniles out to sea.

From the cliff more Sandwich Terns, Kittiwake with young, far out on the water, a group of Scoters - these birds courtesy of a couple of birders from Beverly who were scoping the sea from the cliff top.

 A couple of Puffin were also hereabouts - this bit of info. Coming from an overheard snippet of conversation from two young men passing by.

Then it was back to Bouncy Castles, Donuts and ice cream before the tough wheelchair push up the footpath by the cobbled landing and a sit in an oxygen tent to recover!

Later, we had a walk around one of the Primrose Valley lakes where there was possibly a Scaup.

It could well be a Tufted Duck but I cannot see any trace of a tuft, and not having seen a Scaup before cannot be sure which Duck it is.

Fisherman and young daughter

Probably Dunlin - both birds cropped below

Dunlin - cropped below

Possibly Kittiwake

A sign of the times

Born in a grow-bag

Scaup or Tufted

Doesn't look (to me anyway) to have any sign of a Tuft.

A few of the rarer Filey birds.

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