Thursday, 23 November 2017

√Ogden to Bradshaw

A shopping trip to Skipton this morning where heavy rain and a strong wind put paid to our usual walk.
The Skipton bypass fields seemed 'more flooded' than normal and we were hearing stories about the flooding in Lancashire , on the radio, and in some of the shops.

Back nearer home Sue stopped the car at Foreside Lane, Denholme. 
My intention was to walk over the fields to Ogden and then walk home. The strong wind and wet stuff had me jump back into the car and start the walk at Ogden instead.

Ogden 14:15 - 16:00

The weather wasn't too bad with the occasional shower and some bright stuff.
I enjoyed a quick chat with B.S. as we crossed paths on the Promenade just as I was leaving for home.
I went home via Boggart Brigg, Peat Pits, Cow Hill Gate Lane, Ingham Lane and Bradshaw Lane.


The usual Mallards and Gulls here as far as I could see.
Gull numbers were increasing as the afternoon progressed but the light was poor for checking them out.

A Black Headed Gull had taken a dislike to a Carrion Crow, for some reason and it was doing it's best to chase the Crow off. The Crow however was giving as good as it got.

The circuit was poor with a few Goldcrest and possibly Coal Tit heard but nothing much seen except Robin, Dunnock and Blackbirds.

The fields near the Moorlands held a few Canada Geese and some 'odd' Geese.
There are 3 Geese in the photo that appear too 'Black & White' to be Canada Geese, however they look too large to be Barnacle Geese.
I think they must be Canada Geese and the colour on the photo is a trick of the light? Confusing.
The light was poor and the birds quite distant.

A Heron flew >W fighting the wind.

Just Goldfinch and a few Starling seen elsewhere.

Plenty of water here.

Bradshaw Fields - coming dark

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