Wednesday, 6 December 2017

√Just up the road

15:00 - 15:45

Christmas Shopping today, so no time to get the walking boots on.

At least I've sorted Sue's pressiies out - so Sshhhhhhhhh - don't breath a word.
(she doesn't read this birding stuff so I'll be ok telling you).

I got the usual stuff, perfume, chocolates and bath smellies.
But I hit the Jackpot for her main present, I sure can't wait to see here face when I unveil the Pool Table.

On our way home from the shopping I had a glimpse, from the car, at the football fields, opposite the Raggalds,and there was a large flock of birds there - mainly Starlings I thought.

I had a short walk up to the Raggalds to check out the flock,in case there was something of note in amongst.
My outing coincided with the beginning of storm Caroline with the wind strengthening and the sky going dark quickly.

Arriving at the windswept Raggalds, the Starling (and others) 
had left the football field en-masse with not a single bird to be seen!! Typical.

Raggalds Flood was bereft of birds as well.

A Little Owl was pulled out of the gloom as I went up Bradshaw Lane.

On the way back down a Mistle Thrush perched precariously on a TV aerial before diving down into bushes below.

A Chaffinch called from somewhere as well.

There were also some pretty Christmas Lights about as well.

A distant,  gloomy Little Owl

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