Friday, 8 December 2017

√Snowy Stroll.

12:40 - 14:35

Lots of white stuff to shovel about this morning to get the car ready for Sue's trip to pick up Abigail from Heckmondwike this aft.

A temperature of -1 for most of the morning.

We made a trip to the Halifax recycling centre to ditch our 10 year old microwave oven.
I saw the microwave take a sly look at the calendar last week.
It must have decided that nearing Christmas was a good time to pack it all in - thank you very much!

(Looks like the Pool Table will have to go back to the shop).

At the recycling centre you lob stuff into a huge skip.
The skip  was almost full of other electrical goods. 
I guess we don't repair much nowadays, at least 10 years sounds OK, for the life of a microwave.


I walked down to Oats Royd and back via Holdsworth.
Very pretty scenery in the bright sunshine.

At Oats Royd I got a call from Sue to say that the front door would not close , at all, so I had to foresake the (without doubt) spotting of a Firecrest, and go home.

2 Mistle Thrush were on the path opposite our house.
A Rook was very distant, on  a field wall.

Some interesting Gulls were very high over Roper Lane, a few, passing overhead, in ones and twos.

At least one Herring Gull was picked out.

A Bullfinch was calling and then a M. Bullfinch flew overhead and disappeared into conifers.

A Raven called but I did not eyeball it, alas.

A few other sp. but nothing else of note seen.

A really great day for a ramble.

Near Holdsworth


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