Saturday, 13 August 2022

More of the same

Another scorcher, reading in the garden this morning, Aldi this afternoon.

From the garden - A Buzzard over Roper Lane this morning and a Green Woodpecker called loudly this evening.

Early evening and the heat was a bit less and a light breeze came along so I had a walk to my new Taylor  Lane Copse 'watch point'.

Still got a sweat on by the time I got up there.

Kids and adults were having a party in their garden when I got there.

I hung around for 30 mins or so and no sausage rolls were hurled at me so I must have been quite incognito in my dapper light coloured flannels.

A 'bit' of movement in the conifers and 'poor' strawberry bushes today.


Possible F. Blackcap (said hello/goodbye).

7 or so Mistle Thrush.

Kestrel, 3 Pheasants.

Willow Warbler, Whitethroat.

A Raven called once - not seen.

3 Pheasant.

Stock Dove.

2 Buzzard seen from Bradshaw Lane - 1 on a pylon, 1 on a post nearby.

A Buzzard constantly calling could be a 3rd bird.

Relaxing in the garden now, late evening.

Plonked my, full glass of red vino callapso plonk ,on a table outside.

A wasp decided to have a swim in it - got it out with a spoon.

It was a new species a B**** Wasp and It was still moving when I oinked it out with a spoon.

Now do I drink the wine or throw it  away? -  I threw it away - yep, I know.

If it had been my 3rd glass I would have drunk it and the wasp.

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